Some of the problems related with water heaters and the best solutions that will help in solving your heater problem in a cost effective manner:

* Leaking water heater: the leak in the hot water heater take place either from tank, drain valve or the pipes. When leak from drain valve or pipes exits then it is easy to fix it yourself or can take the help of the professionals which will cost you a low cost than the buying a new one but if the leaking in the heater is due to tank then you need to replace the tank which will relatively cost a big amount so it’s better to buy a new heater over fixing.

* Problem with pilot light: if you find problem with the pilot light of the heater then it is not a big issue at all, you can fix the problem by replacing that single unit which will save a lot of your money than buying a new one. The problem in pilot light may be either due to dirt and on clearing it will automatically be fixed or if caused due to thermocouple needs a replacement.

* Water is not heating properly: make sure that you have properly set thermostat before calling for any type of professional help. If after setting the thermostat it does not work properly then you should better buy a new one as there is problem in the heating element itself, repairing will cause more money than buying it.

* Unwanted noise: when you hear some unwanted sounds coming from the heater then you need to fix the problem very soon with the help of professionals who will clear the tank from sediments; as sediments are responsible to creating sounds and if not repair at early stage then it will lead to destroy the whole tank and then you have to buy a new one.

Not all of us are aware of all parts of the heater and so when the problem arises, then we cannot take the right decision whether to buy a new one or to repair the faulty parts. If you have some basic knowledge on the water heaters, then you can fix the small problems easily by yourself or better get help from a professional licensed plumbers who will sort out any kind of hot water repair problem.